Welcome to China Palace Excel

Welcome to China Palace; where we strive to make your visit the most enjoyable and relaxing experience possible. Situated next to the Excel exhibition centre near the London Docklands and located within a historic Docklands converted warehouse; the local surroundings are both modern and elegant with a waterfront for the perfect stroll after a satisfying meal. The restaurant's décor was designed to create the ideal atmosphere for a fine dining experience with low key lighting and plenty of wood and stone for that natural yet luxurious look.

The most important element of any restaurant is always the food and we are proud to say that this area is where we excel the most. When trying to get an idea of the authenticity and quality of the food served in a restaurant; the client base is a much better indication then the reviews in a newspaper article. A large percentage of our customers consist of Chinese and far eastern people with the remaining customers being a mixture of all other ethnic backgrounds found in this multi-cultural metropolis. This reinforces the authenticity of our menu but also that our food is suitable to people of all origins. At China Palace you will find a menu to suit all tastes from the humble but much loved special fried rice to seafood dishes extravagant enough to grace the table of any emperor. Our bar is fully stocked with a large selection of wines, spirits, beers and juices to provide you with the perfect complement to your exquisite meal.

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